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Winter Training Sessions

We hold a training session every Wednesday evening 7pm until 8pm (Weather permitting)
2 per session and the 1st session is free
Refreshments are available for you to purchase
for further information please feel free to get in touch 07782411050
or keep an eye on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Eastlondoncsc/#

Dates for 2018

East London CSC fixture list for the 2018 season


Ipswich V East London 2pm



East London V Hellingly 2pm



Kesgrave V East London 2pm



East London V Hethersett 2pm



Gt Blakenham V East London 2pm



Norwich V East London 2pm



We are staging the BYJL Regional round 4 time TBC



East London V Ipswich 2pm



Hellingly V East London 2pm



East London V Kesgrave 2pm



Hethersett V East London 2pm



East London V  Gt Blakenham 2pm



East London V Norwich 2pm

Hethersett v East London 2nd October, 16

SE 1
Hethersett 91 - 67 East London

East London travelled up to Norfolk for the last match of the season and although the track was soft we still enjoyed our racing, putting on a decent show that the scores don't really do any justice. The 2 Harry's made their away match debut and they did very well and will gain huge experience from this to take through to next season also Kevin Smith made his first and last appearance of the season as he steps up his fitness on his route back from injury.
East London Points Scored, Sid Stanley 3, Richard Austen 17, Kevin Smith 5, Max Renna 14, Nicky Gunkel 12, Dave Hughes 7, Harry Austen 5, Harry Corsan 4.

SE 2
Hethersett 77 - 53 East London

Our division 2 match started off close and was a tight fought match up until just past the half way point when Hethersett started pulling slight heat advantages over us and went on to win this fixture, the two Harry's put in a good performance although got a little too close to the track surface when falling off a couple of times but still got back up to complete the races to show the fighting spirit East London always have. We are looking forward to next season when hopefully we will have a bigger SE 2 team to compete and put a few wins on the board. Watch this space.
East London points scored, Max Renna 15, Harry Corsan 4, Dave Hughes 13, Harry Austen 5, Kevin Smith 10, Sid Stanley 6.

Well that's the end of our season for 2016 but we will be training through the winter and keeping fit to make sure we are raring to go for 2017. Keep an eye on our Face book page for updates and days and times we will be training.

East London V Ipswich Eagles 18th Sept, 2016

South East Division 1
East London 65 - 95 Ipswich Eagles

Racing got off to a great start and East London were holding there own until mid way through when youth just took over and Ipswich started to gain the heat advantages,
On a very positive note East London had two debut riders who slotted in to the team for this division 1 match and a very big well done to Harry Austen and Harry Corsan
Match Points,  R. Austen 16, M. Renna 6, D. Hughes 6, N. Gunkel 13, N. Lester 10, S. Stanley 3, H. Austen 5, H. Corsan 6..

South East Division 2
East London 53 - 76 Ipswich Eagles

Having another debut in the league 2 fixture well done Grace Austen, all 3 of our new riders done fantastic and thank you to Ipswich for being great sports today.
The racing was very good in this division 2 fixture and Ipswich made sure of the victory by making sure they kept collecting the heat wins when needed and Max Renna done his usual falling off trick, East London's youngsters are looking better every week and we look forward to seeing them race in the future and watching them improve.
Match Points, D Hughes 6, S. Stanley 7, M. Renna 9, H. Corsan 7, H. Austen 14, N. Lester 4, G. Austen 6.

Ipswich Eagles v East London 4th September 2016

SE Division 1
Ipswich Eagles 90 - 70 East London

East London once again traveled to an away match short on riders due to work commitments and injury.
we still made a good showing and was lucky enough that Ipswich let us borrow 1 rider to fill our team for this meeting, riding got off to a good start and Nicky Gunkel put in a good show scoring good points (this is what happens when he stays on his bike) hopefully in the return leg in 2 weeks we will fill our team sheet
Points scored - R. Austen 17, N. Lester 10, N. Gunkel 18, M. Renna 9, S. Stanley 8, R. Johnson (Ipswich) 8.

SE Division 2
Ipswich Eagles 68 - 50 East London

The division 2 match got off to a start with East London only had 4 riders to compete in this fixture, we still put in a good showing and were left wishing what could of been if we had a full 6 riders for this one..
Max as usual took to the ground and got a mouthful of shale. we will look forward to the return leg when we should have 6 riders.
Points scored - R. Austen 18, M. Renna 11, N. Gunkel 16, S. Stanley 5.

East London 'v' Norwich 21st August, 2016

Division 1 - East London 66 - 94 Norwich

East London welcomed Norwich to Canning Town today, and as per usual East London were a rider short. East London gave it all we had and were just not able to stop Norwich from getting the heat wins. Dave Hughes took a nasty fall in heat 9 and for once Nicky Gunkel managed to stay upright and in doing so collected some good points as did Richard Austen

East London points scored
R. Austen 18, M. Renna 10, D. Hughes 8, S. Stanley 7, N. Gunkel 16, M. Jones (Norwich) 7.  

Division 2 - East London 71 - 59 Norwich

East London had a full team for the division 2 match as Jake Stephens was making his debut and he rode very well, East London won the first heat with Richard Austen and Sid Stanley picking up a 6-4 heat win and we never looked back, the racing was very competitive and East London held there advantage all the way through the meeting with Richard and Nicky going unbeaten and Max scoring an excellent haul of points.

R.Austen 16, S.Stanley 6, J.Stephens 7, N.Gunkel 16, M.Renna 17, D.Hughes 9.

Our next home match will be on the 18th September 2pm start against Ipswich Eagles

Training is Wednesday evenings (weather permitting) at 7pm for juniors / beginners and 8pm for the seasoned pros......

Hellingly V East London 3rd July, 2016

Division 1 - Hellingly 85 - 70 East London

East London traveled the A22 all the way to Hellingly knowing only 4 of there riders were showing up to race, but our team spirit was not dampened and we were not beaten easily, East London borrowed two of Hellingly's riders just to fill up the team sheet and make sure every race had a full grid.

East London division 1 points scored - N. Gunkel 14, D. Hughes 12, S. Stanley 7, R. Austen 18, T. Basset (Hellingly) 9, E. Patel (Hellingly) 10.

Division 2 Hellingly 65 - 74 East London

East London had to field the same 4 riders for the Division 2 match and once again due to the lack of club members had to borrow two riders from Hellingly, East London started the division 2 match much stronger after getting used to the track (this is the first time we have raced here for 10 years) and were soon picking up the heat wins and getting a rare and well deserved victory.

East London division 2 points scored - D. Hughes 12, R. Austen 16, S. Stanley 6, N. Gunkel 18, S. Archer (Hellingly) 10, J. Cox (Hellingly) 12.

The chips and ice cream on Eastbourne pier after the racing had finished was a great way to spend an afternoon although it's no Ginsters and chocolate milk !!!!!

Our next Home match is against Great Blakenham 17th July 2016 @ 2pm start 

Canning Town Rec, Prince Regent Lane, E16 3JJ

Refreshments available 

East London v Great Blakenham, 27 September

Division 1.      East London 116 - 49 Great Blakenham

East London ended the season on a high, taking full advantage of a weakened but spirited Great Blakenham side. With the visitors bringing only four riders down the A12, the hosts were guaranteed a well-deserved victory.  However, due to the sterling efforts of Jonjo  Slaughter, only Nicky Gunkel went home with maximum points.  Slaughter and his team mates made sure that East London had to work hard for every point, none more so than Max Renna who opted to take the long way round in most of his rides - but it seemed to work as he scored a hatful of points from the back.  But with everyone contributing,  the home side at last had something to cheer about.
Nicky Gunkel 21+3, Max Renna 21+1, Les Stevens  20+1, Dave Hughes 19+2, Neil Lester 18+4, Richard Austen 18+4.

Division 2.      East London 78 - 40 Great Blakenham

The Division two fixture saw more of the same, with the visitors battling bravely against the odds but with the final outcome never in doubt.  Gunkel again was unbeaten and it was a joy to see old campaigners Dave Hughes and Kevin Smith putting years of experience and track craft to good use.  It made a refreshing change for East London to have the upper hand after another sometimes difficult season, but the club can put up the shutters on 2015 with a couple of victories and a sense of achievement after having flown cycle speedway's flag in the capital for another year.
Kevin Smith 17, Gunkel 14+2, Renna 13+1, Stevens 12+2, Hughes 11+1, Sid Stanley 7, Lester 4+1.

Division 1     Ipswich 110 - 70 East London

Once again East London traveled to a meeting knowing that the usual suspects would be missing and standing no chance of causing an upset in today's match against the league leaders.
But the six who arrived put in a spirited performance causing a couple of upsets in the races
Sid, Max and Dave putting in some solid rides causing trouble for the young Ipswich side.
But the match never looking in doubt from the get go when Richard was forced onto the curb at the start and slipped in the wet conditions giving Ipswich a 7-3.
Then on the match never looked in doubt, As Ipswich's younger and stronger side kept pulling out the lead consistently over the match with the usual thrills and spills from the Londoners helping Ipswich's side to romp home by 40 points.

M. Renna 10,   R. Austen 16+1,   K. Smith 8,   D. Hughes 10+2,   S. Stanley 11, N. Gunkel 15+1

Division 2     Ipswich 77 - 48 East London

When the division 2 meeting started the Londoners knew full well it was going to be hard work with the team putting in a hard shift from the division 1 match and having a restricted rider leaving the team with 5 riders.
The match again never looked in doubt with fresh legs arriving for the Ipswich division 2 squad, They looked to have the match easily covered able to bring in stronger riders if required.
The start of the match got off to a messy start with Dave Hughes getting caught up with the Ipswich youngsters taking 2 falls in a race that needed to be re-run 3 times.
The racing was more competitive and close just with the Ipswich side coming out on top in 90% of the races, with London riders getting caught out by tired minds leading to a couple of touched wheels and leaving gaps.

D. Hughes 10+1,   M. Renna 9,   S. Stanley 6,   K. Smith 7,   N. Gunkel 16

East London Vs Kesgrave 6th september 2015

East London 79 - 97 Kesgrave

With work commitments weakening the squad East London started the day with only six riders.
Division 1 match got off to a poor start for the Londoners with L.Stevens in heat 2 taking a nasty looking crash which snapped his helmet in half.
with the resulting re-run Kesgrave picked up a 7-2 and with Les taking time to feel up for racing missing his next race,
Kesgrave pulled open a commanding lead which they kept to the end of the match.
Richard Austen showed Kesgrave's and East London's Riders how to ride in today's conditions as he picked up a maximum, 
good performances were put in by the rest of the team but the points not showing the effort put in,  

R. Austen 24,   K. Smith 8,   L. Stevens 12,
S. Stanley 9,   N. Gunkel 20,   M. Renna 6

East London b 51 - 75 Kesgrave b

With a restricted rider East London could only field 5 in the Division 2 match,
with the injuries from the earlier match starting to show themselves the londoners never really stood a chance of pulling off the win,
however we never let this diminish the effort put in to keep the racing close, with Max, Sid &  Kevin all competing and picking up more points than the Div 1 match
with the only lowlight of the match being N.Gunkel managing to fall on his own chasing down the kesgrave pair

K. Smith 10+2,   S. Stanley 5,   M. Renna 12+2,   L. Stevens 10,   N. Gunkel 14, 

29 August 2015

Congratulations Les Stevens becoming over 60's British champion 2015

Les was racing today at Gt Blakenham and had to win it via a run off
passing Bob Prince on lap 2 to win

Club information

This is an amateur Club run by its committee in line with the Club's Constitution. (Copy of Constitution is available on request).

Membership is by subscription and open to riding and non-riding members of any age or any gender. Details available on request.

The club always welcome new visitors to our track on match days, the season is run from March to October and if you would like to try our great sport come along to our Wednesday training nights from 8pm, or match day and talk to one of our club members who will be pleased to help and if you do not wish to ride but would like to help in other ways, again please let us know.


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To promote the Sport of Cycle Speedway in the local area.

Encouraging the whole family to be involved as riders or helpers.

Encourage our rider if they wish to enter British Championship competitions.

To Promote good sportsmanship by it's members at all times.


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