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Saturday 30th October

London Old Masters

Mark Griffiths (Wednesfield) 20, Gary Brown (Kesgrave) 18, Dennis Hubble (East London) 18, Norman Venson (Leicester) 17, Simon Plows (Hull) 16.5, Steve Woodroof (East London) 14, Dave Tulloch (East London) 13.5, Les Stevens (East London) 13, Fred Rothwell (Pedalsport) 12, Dave Baxter (Edinburgh) 11, Kevin Smith (East London) 10, Dave Hughes (East London) 9, Chris Riches (ex Hawbush) 8, Chic Mackie (Edinburgh) 7, Tony Johnstone (ex Tolworth) 6,  Steve Jarman (Bury) 5                                      
Referee – Dave Hunting (Suffolk)

Match Report By Steve Harvie

Wednesfield’s pocket dynamo Mark Griffiths produced five perfect starts to record a debut maximum at the 15th running of the London Old Masters on a fine autumnal Saturday in the Olympic city.

The Eurovets GP Series runner up and British Vets podium finalist from the West Midland’s only tricky race was when he came up against last year’s victor Gary Brown and local favourite Dennis Hubble in heat 14 but like he had dealt with multi rostrum visitor Norman Venson earlier, got clear of them both. These two former winners tied on 18 points but a shattered Dennis declined run off in favour of the Suffolk rider who gained most of his points from determined overtaking manoeuvres on the damp but grippy surface. Norman finished fourth ahead of Hull’s Simon Plows who scored well on an unknown track to him including a dead heat for second place with former winner Dave Tulloch behind Gary Brown in heat 11, the best race of the day.

Despite containing six riders over 60, the racing was as competitive as in their heyday with high speed tumbles for both Tulloch and ex Hawbush rider Chris Riches in a match well controlled by referee Dave Hunting. Steve Woodroof equalled his sixth position of last year, half a point ahead of Tulloch with 2005 winner Les Stevens a further half point adrift. Eurovets organiser Fred Rothwell was the best of the rest ahead of former British Lions manager Dave Baxter continuing a season long rivalry with Kevin Smith a point adrift. Usual LOM referee Dave Hughes scored 9 but was in positions in a couple of races to add to that.

The remaining riders enjoyed their meeting with that fall costing Riches a couple of places whilst 72-year-old legend, Chic Mackie, after driving through the night from Glasgow, claimed positional victories over last minute entry Tony Johnstone and Bury’s Steve Jarman and was contemplating driving to Edinburgh straight afterwards to compete in Sunday’s Scottish Open at Redbraes Park!

As usual the match was watched by many retired SE riders including former winners Bill Hopkins, Steve Bloxham, Dave Palfreyman and Lee Galley amongst the Cycle Speedway faces hanging over the safety fence. For a second year the trophies were sponsored by Dutchman Johan Koudijs who presented them along with Almere and Hilversum compatriots Donald Reiche and Fred van-den Dolder.  The majority of the field partook of some refreshments at the nearby Fox at Connaught docklands bistro afterwards.

With even more veterans racing events planned for next year, the LOM will probably be re-incorporated in a Eurovets round to be held earlier in the season now that long term organiser Steve (Jock) Harvie has finally hung up his wheels for good.

Sunday 24th October

East London finished their best season for many years, on a high point with good wins in both matches against a weakened Hethersett side.


East London  105    Hethersett 73

Dennis Hubble 17(2), Steve Woodruff 13(2), Lee Ridgewell 13(2), Dave Tullock 19, Les Stevens 13(4), Toby Mullins 17, Nicky Gunkel 8(2), Steve Myhill 5


The Div 1 match started with a fine 7-3 from Dennis Hubble and Steve Woodruff and from that point on, the tone was set for a comfortable East London victory. The first of only two heat reversals came just after the interval when an unlucky Nicky Gunkel snapped a peddle arm at the start of heat 10. There were strong performances across the board with both Dennis and Dave Tulloch only surrendering 1 point each to the opposition. Lee Ridgewell supported well on borrowed machinery and with only one first team rider not present through travel issues, this was an impressive performance.


East London 104    Hethersett 77

Nicky Stephens 15, Nicky Gunkel 18(2), Steve Myhill 19(1), Dave Hughes 12(3), George Hughes 11(1), Kevin Smith 20 

Inspired by the First teams efforts, the second team carried on in the same vein, running out easy winners with only two heat reversals during the match. Inspired was the right word for Kevin Smith who went through the card unbeaten for his first full maximum in many a year. Steve Myhill and Nicky Gunkel were also unbeaten by an opponent, and every rider played their part in a fine team performance.

Sunday 3rd October

NORWICH / NORFOLK PREMIER COACHWORKS ‘STARS' 89 : Lee Grange 19, Danni Riley 7, Leigh Cossey 11+1, Ian Grange 16+3, Gary Colby 17, Barry Copping 10+1, Mason Parkins 3, Oliver Riley 6.

EAST LONDON 89: Kevin Smith 7+1, Dennis Hubble 19, Dave Tulloch 10+2, Steve Woodroof 14+3, Toby Millen 10+1, Nick Gunkell 15+1, Lee Ridgwell 14+1.

East London, down on strength due to late withdrawls, managed somehow to snatch a draw from what appeared to be a certain defeat. The match started brightly for East London with Dennis Hubble in magnificent form and, with solid back up from the team, managed to get to the half time break six points in the lead. The second half saw an equally understrength Norwich side claw back the deficit to enter the last race with a four point advantage. A unfortunate exclusion for Toby Millen, and one race where East London could field only one rider, didn't help the situation in any manner! That said, a memorable last race saw East London score the required 7 - 3 to earn the draw, thanks to Dennis and Steve Woodroof's team riding skills.

Everyone contributed to this great result for the team but a special mention should go to Kevin Smith who despite injuring his back in the pre match warm up, battled on bravely to help the team. 


Sunday 19th September

Div 1

East London 105   Kesgrave 75

East London Scorers:

D.Hubble 20, N.Gunkel 15, D.Tulloch 17, N.Lester 11, L.Stevens 14, T.Millen 8, K.Smith 7, S.Myhill 13

Saturday 11th September


HARRIS HAT-TRICK IN OVER 40S VETS - posted 12 September 2010

The remarkable Steve Harris, fresh from his 21st national individual appearance, took his third successive British veterans (over-40s) championship at Great Blakenham this afternoon.

But the odds-on favourite didn't have things his own way.  He had to use all his experience to pass former champion Dennis Hubble and Norman Venson in a tough heat 13 after he  was edged out on the first turn.  Then, in his last ride, Harris was nearly upstaged by Wednesfield's Mark Griffiths.  Sitting on grid one with the title beckoning, Harris came under enormous pressure from Griffiths on gate two.  For a moment it seemed if the Wednesfield rider had cleared the defending champion (pictured) but referee Copping was not happy with progress and ordered a restart.

Harris made no mistake second time round, quickly opened a length and a half lead, an advantage he held to the line, neither extending or conceding as both riders matched the other for speed.  The title was his for the third year running.

The opening six races had been processional, and to be frank somewhat boring, the outcome decided at the first turn.  Enter the wonderfully entertaining and determined Gary Brown.  In a brave effort to pass Dennis Hubble in heat seven, the two riders clashed, letting in Norwich's Gary Colby to snatch four points at Brown's expense.

Brown also found himself relegated into second place in race 12, this time behind Mick Aris.  For three laps it looked as if the Wednefield stalwart could spring a real surprise but going into the pits turn, third time round, Brown pounced to notch his third win of the day and force a run-off for the silver medal.

The tie-break for overall second turned out to be a damp squib.  Gary Brown made the gate from grid two, held Griffiths round the first bend - and then dramatically and unexpectedly Griffiths threw in the towel, leaving Brown to cruise round to take the silver medal (Brown and Griffiths pictured in heat three)

Leicester duo Mick Skinner and Norman Venson put in solid performances without ever threatening the top three while four times champion (1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003) found it difficult against riders ten years his junior.

With the lowest entry, just twelve riders, since the championship was introduced in 1987 and the general maliase in individual competitions, the future of the Veterans' championship is bound to be questioned in the months to come.

British Over-40s Individual Championship
Steve Harris 20, Gary Brown 18,  Mark Griffiths 18, Gary Colby 17, Mick Skinner 16, Norman Venson 16, Dennis Hubble 14, Les Stevens 13, Simon Plows 12, Mick Aris 11, Timothy Grimes 10, Mel Perkins 9
Referee: Steve Copping (Suffolk)

Sunday 22nd August

Division 1:

East London  84
D.Hubble 17, T.Millen 17, N.Lester 13, S.Woodroof 10, L.Ridgewell 10, L.Stevens 7, N.Gunkel 6, D.Tulloch 5
Ipswich 95
D.Solomon 20, G.Solomon 18, M.Szyszlyk 14, L.Yelland 13, J.Chittock 12, J.Mason 9, A.Hill 8, M.Hill 1

With East London fielding their strongest side it looked likely that a victory was within their grasp. However as the match progressed it became evident that this very youthful Ipswich side would be more than a match for their experienced opposition. There is no real answer to younger and fitter legs! The result was in doubt for some time in this close fought match, however Ipswich gradually eased into a lead that proved impossible for the Londoners to close. Once again Dennis Hubble top scored with 17 points backed up solidly by Toby Millen and Neil Lester. Les Stevens scored 7 pts from reserve spot and rode bravely with arm injury that made him pull out of the British over 60s champs the previous day.


East London 94
S.Myhill 18, N.Gunkel 17, L.Stevens 11, K.Smith 11, G.Hughes 10, D.Hughes 7
Ipswich  94
J.Mason 18, C.Rumbold 14, R.Fellgett 11, L.Roberts 11, A.Hill 10, M.Hill 9, J.Stant 8

East London’s Combination side saw a very welcome return to the saddle by George Hughes, who has been sidelined all season with injury's to both knees. The match unfolded to be a real cliff hanger, swinging from East London to Ipswich several times before ending in a last heat decider. The final resultant draw at 94 points each being a fair reflection of this highly entertaining match. Praise should go to George H who you could see by the end of the match was in discomfort with his injuries, however  the medal of the day must surely go to Steve Mayhill, who fell quite heavily in the last race. Knowing that this race was going to impact on the final score he picked himself up, dusted him self down and took his place in the rerun which resulted in East London earning a draw, and not a defeat.

George’s return to the side, has certainly returned a spring to the team’s step however the London side are still a few riders short of having a complete stand alone team. However with Nick Stephens return to competitive racing expected soon, things can only get better for East London.


Sunday 8th August

Division 1:East London 94 Norwich 80

After a very shaky start with 2 heat exclusions a very strong East London side went on to win their 1 st league match this season

Toby milien top scored for East London with 19 points backed up with solid performances from Denis Hubble & Lee Ridgwell

Unluckiest rider of the day must surely be Steve Woodroof who pick up two exclusions one for a tape infringement and one for  being the cause of a race stoppage 

Sunday 18th July

Great Blakenham Vs East London

Division 1: Great Blakenham 96  East London 81

Unfortunately, even a full strength East London first team couldn't overcome a Blakenham team

containing several Premier league riders. Neil Lester was the stand out scorer, from an otherwise solid

team effort. It does highlight the need for several top class riders to strengthen the team, if East London

are to make any impact on the leading clubs.


Hubble 11, Woodroof 7, Ridgewell 10, Lester 16, Stevens 12, Millen11, Gunkel 8, Tulloch 6


Division 2: Great Blakenham 88 (50 + 38)  East London 92 (80 + 12)

A good win for the second team, despite giving away 38 points and missing a couple of their Div 2



Millen 5, Myhill 18, Stevens 15, Gunkel 16, Smith 13, Woodroof 13

Vets British Team Finals

Saturday 19th June @ Horspath

BTC Veteran Semi -Final 1

In a match sprinkled with World, British and European Champions the expected thriller unfolded, two costly exclusions to pre meeting favourites Leicester saw them bow out, Horspath with three of last year's winning team from Filton now racing eased through with East London a point clear of Leicester,


Horspath 55 ( Ian Lawrence 11, Steve Harris 12, Mike Burgess 14, Paul Gibbs 6, Mark Janes 12.)

East London 44 ( Les Stevens 10, Steve Woodruff 8 Dave Tulloch 12, Dennis Hubble 14 Kevin Smith dnr)

Leicester 43 ( Mark Newey 10, Norman Venson 11, Mick Skinner 9, Dave Hemsley 11, Stef Whitehead 2.

Sheffield 28 ( Luke Morton 4, Craig Owen 3, Martin Gamble 10, Mick Knowles 10, Richard Whiteley 1.)

Hull 27 ( Richard Pawson 6, Andy Moody 5, Ian Swanbough 5, Simon Plows 7, Barry
Ashton 4.)

Referee Albert Bentley

BTC Veteran Semi -Final 2

Another three way scrap - eventually both Poole and Wednesfield pulled clear of Norwich during the second half of the match to book their place in the final. Pete Young unbeaten for Poole and some years rolled back for the others indeed. Again some great cycle speedway names involved and a pleasure to see.


Poole 53 ( Rob Haywood 13, Pete Young 16, Dave Murphy 13, Colin Sutton 2, Colin Wheeler 9.)

Wednesfield 51 ( Mick Aris 9, Steve Mullinder 14, Roger Ellis 14, Mark Griffiths 14)

Norwich 45 ( Gary Riley 6, Alan Parsons 13, Dave Soloman 15, Gary Colby 11.)

Hethersett 33 ( Roger Carter 6 Dave Chambers 9, Tim Grimes 10, Mel Perkins 8)

Ipswich 16 ( Tony Stant 3, Bill Brooks 5, Ivan Pike 4, Dave Hill 4.)

Referee Pete Dalley

BTC Veterans Final - sponsored by GG Express Couriers

Horspath became the first winners of the new perpetual trophy donated by Dash Trophies for the Vets team. Poole led by one point after the first set of races however with Hammers using World Veteran Champion Steve Harris as a tactical reserve, he raced four of Horspath's grids 3 & 4 heats they soon eased into a comfortable lead by the half way stage. A strong quintet that registered one third place or better throughout. Poole took the silver with some solid scoring, Wednesfield grabbed the bronze, Mark Griffiths scoring a great win over Harris to boot, whilst East London were hampered by Steve Woodruff's injury from the semi.


Horspath 57 ( Ian Lawrence 13, Paul Gibbs 7, Mike Burgess 15, Mark Janes 7, Steve Harris 15.)

Poole 44 ( Dave Murphy 12, Colin Wheeler 10, Rob Haywood 8, Pete Young 14 Colin Sutton dnr )

Wednesfield 32 ( Roger Ellis 6, Steve Mullinder 6, Mark Griffiths 12, Mick Aris 8.)

East London 27 ( Les Stevens 8, Steve Woodruff 2, Dave Tulloch 6, Dennis Hubble 8, Kevin Smith 3.)

Referee Pete Dalley


11th April 2010

A disappointing start to the SE 2010 season when East London travelled to Ipswich on Sunday without key riders. Good news was the return to the saddle of Dave Tulloch and Steve Myhill who both showed a promising league campaign.


Div 1 Ipswich 106 East London 72


Denis Hubble  16 Toby Millen 16 Neil Lester 10 Steve Woodroof 8

Nick Gunkle  8 Steve Myhill 5 Dave Hughes 5 Kevin Smith 2

Nick Stephens 1


Division 2  Ipswich 84+23 = 106  East London 76

 Dave Tulloch 19 Nick Gunkle  16 Steve Myhill 13 Dave Hughes 12

Kevin Smith 9 Nick Stephens

South East Grand Prix  Ipswich 28th March 2010


1          Gary Brown     Kes      25                                                                   

2          Les Stevens      EL        20                                                                   

3          Steve Myhill     EL        18                                                                   

4          Steve Harvie     EL        16                                                                   

5          Phil Repman     Col       14