East London Cycle Speedway Club

Canning Town Rec
Prince Regent Lane E16 3JJ
Tel: 07518 968571

Circa 1975-75 MJarvis Beckenham L.Stevens Eppping D.Hughes Bow

Thurrock world masters 1983

1984-85 Thurrock M.Jarvis & A.cox

East London 1 1985

L-R A.Williams, S.Woodroof,J.Beckwith, J.Dudley, On bike M.Jarvis, A.Cox, G.Whale.

Front S.Coote and D.Hughes.


East London 2 1985

Top Row L-R: K.Smith, J.Beckwith,D.Collison,S.Harvie

Knelling L-R :C.Taylor, C.Parks,J.Dudley and M.Archie

Wednesfield British Final 1983

M.Jarvis, J.Watchman, A.Harris

1986 opening of track

Top L-R G.Whale, J.Smith,T.Birch,A.Cox, D.Hughes

Bottom:L-R: L.Lawrence, M.Jarvis, B.Hopkins


Edmonton 1980




M.Jarvis, D.Jones ,A.Swain, L.Stevens

George hits the deck again